Personal Injury

Our diversified practice ranges from handling automobile accidents to more serious medical malpractice issues, we are well positioned to represent the public and defend business from the multitude of personal injury actions that arise in today’s legal environment. Personal injury actions, which are caused by the carelessness of another, include, but are not limited to, automobile crashes, slips and falls, product injuries and work-related injuries.

The basis of a medical malpractice claim is that advice, care or treatment rendered by a healthcare provider fell below the standard-of-care required in the community and as a result, the patient was injured or died. A health care provider is responsible for providing advice, care and treatment equal to that of the ordinary and reasonable specialist under similar circumstances. In addition to proving that care was below the applicable standard, the patient must also prove “causation.” This means that the healthcare provider’s departure from the standard of care was a substantial factor in causing the injury. These claims are very difficult to prove and depend heavily on the testimony of the injured party’s physician. Our experience, association and contacts throughout the medical and legal community make us qualified to handle these claims.